Desktop Publishing (DTP) 

Upon the completion of translation process, some documents may require special design or layout and formatting requirements. We, therefore, take care of your documents’ layout maintaining the format of the original document, including templates, styles, fonts, sizes, color, paragraph formatting, images and fitting text into irregular shapes.

At All Talent, we make use of CAT tools and integrate them with desktop publishing programs to save time and cost and achieve the best results within clients’ tight budgets and deadlines.


Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

We guide clients throughout the whole process of text preparation for translation, back conversion into original formats, typesetting the produced text according to the target language display norms. Simply put, we accompany our clients on an A-to-Z journey to fulfill their requirements.

We can handle different file extensions using standard DTP tools. Furthermore, we are aware of complicated technical issues for different languages, especially those of different text direction such as Arabic and Urdu.

We handle the following types:

Adobe Creative Suite || Adobe Acrobat || Adobe InDesign || Adobe Illustrator || Adobe FrameMaker || Adobe PageMaker || Adobe PhotoShop || Corel DRAW X3 || QuarkXpress || HTML / XHTML || QuickSilver || Microsoft Access || Microsoft Excel || Microsoft Powerpoint || Microsoft Word