Localization Services

Whether it is your product manuals, websites, or advertising campaigns, we help you reach wider audience and realize the full potentials of your products. Knowing the market needs inside-out and having a hands-on experience in the field of localization, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of localization areas, including website, software, and multimedia localization.


Our Localization Services

Website Localization needs diverse skills and experience to coordinate work phases. It is not simply converting text into the destination language; the success of website localization depends on several factors including:

Linguistic and cultural system of the target language;
Communication tone;
Graphical component;
Scripting component

Software Localization

User Interface || Menu bars || Buttons || Status indicators || Generic messages || Error messages || Software Guide || Manuals || Brochures || Packaging elements

Multimedia Localization: “Videos go global”. Consumers increasingly prefer to receive information visually rather than textually. Therefore, the demand for multimedia localization has never been stronger. Multimedia comes in different forms including:

Audio || Adobe Flash || Video || Online presentations || Animation